About DJ Spinderella

Hello Everone!!! My name is DJ Spinderella, and here is a little about me! I was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I graduated high school in 2001 in Calgary, I studied graphic design before attending Western Academy Broadcasting College in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. I studied Radio & Basic TV Broadcast Program. I graduated top of my class, and did my internship back in Calgary with X92.9. After being with X92.9 for six months, I was offered a job back in Saskatoon with C95, soon after three months I got an another offer to work in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada with Z99. I worked at Z99 for about a year before getting a job offer in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with Jewel 101, I worked there for about an year and half before taking another job offer in Toronto with Jewel 88.5, while with Jewel 88.5 I was transfered to Z103.5. After being with Z103.5 for about an year I was given a offer to co-host the morning show. In 2005, tragedy struck me, after doing a live to air broadcast from a nightclub in Toronto, three of my best friends decided to celebrate my promotion to co-host of the morning show at the same nightclub. That night ended with a traffic accident that took two of my friends lifes and paralysed my other friend, which I recieved a massive head trauma. I was in a coma for seven months, when woke up from the coma, I had to relearn to walk, talk, and to deal with memory issues. I still strugle with issues still to this day, I have found an inspiration with music, that help me through my hard times. Since my accident I try very hard to stay with an positive attitude, but when you lose so much all at once it is very hard. After recovering from most of my injuries, I still have many issues with speaking and with that I lost my licence to broadcast on radio and TV. I took that very hard, then I started my New Life as a DJ, I found a new passion that I love!!! After many years of pratice, and all the DJ's that help me learn how to mix music, I give them mad love. I have been told that I have been an inspiration to others, no mater how rough life gets, remember its all about doing the things you love, no matter what others say. Believe in yourself, Love yourself!!! I would like to thank all my family, and friends for believing in me!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! DJ SPINDERELLA